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Monday, April 2, 2012

Looking for a Job

I've been busy the last few months: busy looking for a job. I’ve decided that I need to do more to earn money so that I can keep doing what I love (writing and indy-publishing books, and painting). I start most days combing through the ads and applying for the positions that are most “me.” Then, as part of my preparation for this next phase of my life, I’ve been doing all the things I want to have finished before I start that job. The result? I’m having a great time!
 I’ve been writing—working on projects that I want to have well underway before my days are filled with other things. That way, when I come home from work I can sit down and relax my way through a creative burst to keep them (and me) moving.
I’ve been painting—finishing some canvases I started a few months ago. This is always pure joy. I’m painting with oil at the moment, so I am forced to paint for a day or two, then let the work dry for at least a few days before I move on. Now granted, I work on several canvases at a time, so that I can take one to a certain point, switch to another, and then another. But I can’t finish a painting in a day or two, like I can with acrylic. (This is a lesson in patience that I sorely need. I’m a “just get it done” kind of person most of the time. I need to learn to slow down.) 
I also decided to do a minor makeover in one of the bathrooms, which basically involves paint. It’s been fun to see the transformation, and the elements of that room coming together at last.

I’ve been sewing—catching up on the mending, making toys for grandkids, teaching some pre-teen girls the basics of sewing, and now playing with the idea of making some new pillows for the living room. There’s nothing like plowing through a stack of mending to make you feel like you’ve accomplished a lot. And there are such rewards in seeing the pride a girl’s has after she has created her first item, seeing a kid’s face when I hand him the toy he’s been dreaming of, and adding a fresh pop of color in the house to make it inviting—not the same old things to look at every day.
And, last but not least, I planted the garden. I love working with Nature; it’s very grounding (no pun intended). I could rant on about that…but another day. The plants are well underway so that we can enjoy fresh produce all spring, summer and fall.
So, while I have been in this process of “looking for a job,” a few things have been reinforced in my mind and heart; things that I don’t always give the attention I should. It’s been a little review of the things that make me tick. It’s a reminder to me of what I really enjoy, and therefore, who I am. In this era of high unemployment, I could be sitting in front of the computer, worrying about finding the perfect job. My blessing has been to realize that there are a lot of things I can do now to prepare for being gone later. It has also been my blessing to remember the many talents I have acquired in my life that make me a valuable, employable person.
I’m still looking for a job. I might find one that really allows me to use my skills. I may find one that amounts to trading hours for dollars. But whatever I find, my preparation has helped me to feel confident.  There are lots of things I can already do, both to feed my creative dragons (see my first post) and to earn some money. However this turns out, I’ll be fine.

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